Best Guide to Select a Bitcoin Wallet

Best Guide to Select a Bitcoin Wallet


bitcoin-walletActually, most of the people all over the world own a bank account. In terms of Bitcoin, a wallet is equivalent to a bank account. What are the purposes of these wallets? They allow the holders to store Bitcoin, receive and send them to any other person.

There are two major types of wallets namely; software and web wallet. A software wallet can be installed on your mobile phone or in a personal computer. The security of your coins lies solely on your hands. Maintaining and installing this wallet can sometimes be difficult.

On the other hand, a web wallet, also called hosted wallet, is maintained by a third party. Actually, they are often easier to use than software wallets. The security of your coins is a responsibility of your provider. Before acquiring this wallet, it’s wise to find a provider who is trustworthy. Are you a beginner? You aren’t left out. The following are four main types of wallets for beginners.
The easiest and most efficient way to get a Bitcoin wallet is through filling out their simple requirements at Actually, it’s the quickest way. Is it beneficial? Absolutely, it provides some useful services and information to Bitcoin community. Just like Coinbase wallet, this web wallet provides an Android App where you have access to your account on a mobile phone.

This is a simply designed web wallet. It provides some useful and simple features. Features provided make this wallet to comfortably fit the beginners. Is this wallet beneficial? In fact, it has a lot of benefits to Bitcoin community. Using Coinbase wallet, it’s possible to sell and buy bitcoins directly. Sending and receiving bitcoins is done through email. It’s also possible to access the functions of your account through a full-featured Android App installed on your phone.

According to Coinbase founder, they have established a startup track record. This track record has increased money from capitalist which is a very prominent venture. How does it assist Coinbase? Actually, it gives this wallet a certain level of legitimacy which is unparalleled in the space of Bitcoin. This company is one of the large Bitcoin companies which never and will never suffer from major hack due to its prominent and sophisticated system. Do you need one? Just click here to sign up.

Other wallets
Some few other wallets are recommended too. Note that they are not meant for beginners in Bitcoin. For those who need the height possible security of their coins, Armory is an awesome choice. Rather than all of the above wallets, the original Bitcoin-Qt client is a wallet that good on learning how to use. It’s also trustworthy. Don’t miss out. Get started on one of the wallets.

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