Ethereum’s Byzantium Testnet Simply Validated A Private Transaction

Ethereum’s Byzantium Testnet Simply Validated A Private Transaction

The hard work in order to bring the privacy functions of zcash to ethereum had taken one step ahead today during the testing for the forthcoming Byzantium upgrade.

A zk-SNARK, which stands for zero-knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive ARgument of Knowledge, is utilized in order to prove that information is valid without the need of revealing what that particular information is. The technology is found in the center of the zcash network, and in the last few months, the developers have started taking steps to integrate the privacy technology right into ethereum.

The zk-SNARK, part of a Zcash transaction was verified on the Byzantium testnet earlier today. Although it is just a test, the development is a vital step on the way to taking that sort of features to the public ethereum network.

As previously reported by, tests on Byzantium is anticipated to continue in the month of October. Byzantium’s official launch will likely then release the gas-subsidised pairing checks as well as elliptic curve operations which will make this sort of verification feasible.

This implies that the moment Byzantium turns into the law of the land, a cryptographically privatized transaction could be verified using the network.

Then again, calculations for zkSNARKs can be very expensive. The transaction, that is viewable over the test network here, could set you back a total of 1,933,895 gas. To put it differently – a non-private transaction at present runs about 21,000 gas, small in comparison to the zcash equivalent.

Other than the verification, there’s still work to be made just before private transactions become possible on ethereum.

The leading zk-SNARK developer for ethereum, Dr. Christian Reitwiessner, said to CoinDesk:

“What is missing after that is basically everything that was missing on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine in the early times of Ethereum: We need practical implementations of all the other components of a zkSNARK system (apart from the verification).”

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