Younger Americans More Likely to Consider Bitcoin As Investment Opportunity

Younger Americans More Likely to Consider Bitcoin As Investment Opportunity

A new survey recently conducted by online student loan marketplace LendEDU shows that younger Americans are more interested in bitcoin as an investment opportunity. The survey suggested bitcoin’s interest is expanding particularly with millennials.

The startup released the results of the survey just today, that was conducted using the web last August and attracted 1,000 participants coming from across the US. The survey focused on a number of areas, including simple questions regarding whether they have heard about bitcoin, whether it was legal, and if they will utilize it or make investments on it. The end result, more or less 78% of respondents claimed that they had.

One of the most significant findings in the LendEDU survey is that, based on the survey, younger consumers – those people in between the ages of 18 and 34, are the most likely to make investments in bitcoin as an asset for future years, or willing to use bitcoin for purchases in comparison to older ages.

Of people in between the age groups of 18 and 24, 35.9% claimed they consider investing in bitcoin, as opposed to 43.5% who claimed no and 20.5% who were not sure. For those 25-34 age group, the “yes” figure increased to 40.4%, along with 31.7% of respondents in that demographic telling no.

In comparison, approximately 10% of those in between the age groups of 45 and 54 showed an interest in making an investment in bitcoin. Around 5% of such older than 55 indicated a similar sentiment, according to the data.

In the blog post showing the results, LendEDU expected that this particular data foreshadows a better part for bitcoin among younger users.

“Judging from this data, as the years go by and younger Americans develop more spending power, you can expect bitcoin to become more and more prevalent in the American economy,” the firm reported.

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